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Hiking / Walking Clothes

This is what you need to take away with you. The amount and type of clothes and equipment you will need to take depends on the time of year, type of walking/hiking and resort. You may be able to buy some items when you arrive, but this will mean less time for walking, may be limited choice and may cost more. You only need to take the suitable clothes / equipment out on your walks with you depending on the weather and the type of walking. Amazon offers a good range of clothes and equipment from their stores.

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Hiking Items

For information about Walking / Hiking gear, click here.


Gloves / Mittens

Sun Hat / Bobble Hat

For sunny days & for cold days.

Look for waterproof / windproof gloves.

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Fleece /Sweatshirt / T-shirt / long sleeve shirt

Choose ones made from cotton or a material like Polartec ®Even in summer the weather can change quickly and at high altitudes it can get cold.

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Snow Shoes / Crampons / Ice Axe

If you will be walking over snow, take some Snow Shoes; for ice take some Crampons. You may also need an Ice Axe.

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Crampons Amazon UK


Waterproof Raincoat

For summer you only need a lightweight material. For Spring / Autumn choose a Gore-Tek ®  / Sympatek ® or similar material - two layer is thinner and lighter but three layer is more robust. During Spring / Autumn it is useful to take a thin 2 layer and a thick 3 layer coat.

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Walking Boots

There are several choices: Leather or fabric, ankle high, type of soles. Leather ones are more robust but may be heaver - best suited for harder walks or if you expect to use crampons. Waterproof boots are better even if you only intend to walk on dry days, as you may come across streams or snow. The insoles of most boots can be replaced with ones that can take more wear and absorb shocks better. Take spare laces, and an old toothbrush to clean the boots.

Walking Boots


To keep mud or snow off your Boots or trouser bottoms, use some Gaiters.

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Waterproof Over-trousers

Check that they have a zip at the bottom of the legs so that you can put them on without taking your boots off.

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Walking Trousers

Do not wear Denim Jeans as they retain water making them cold and heavy, choose light cotton. Remember the belt.

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Choose walking or hiking socks.

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