European Alpine Travel

There are many options for travelling to European Countries. You can choose between a Package Holiday (where all travel and accommodation are booked for you) or Independent (where you arrange all parts, travel, accommodation etc. yourself).

Independent Travel

For an Independent Holiday, you choose your own arrangements and book either direct with the provider online, or through a Travel Agent, or by phone.

Air Travel


One way of getting to your resort is by air travel.  For this you will need to book the:

With your own car. You will need to book airport car parking and if the flight is early you may need to book an overnight stay near the airport or use. Remember you may need to check in at the airport a couple of hours before the flight departure time. Some hotels include parking with an overnight stay.

Air Passenger Duty Increase

From 1 November 2010 the UK Government increased the Air Passenger Duty (APD) on flights. There are 4 Destination Bands (A, B, C, D) each with 3 rates.

For full details, see HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Air Passenger Duty, on the HMRC website.

Airport Security Measures

All passengers departing from UK airports have to follow the latest Hand luggage restrictions.

Travel by Coach

A number of companies offer travel by Coach.  They have number of hubs or transfer points in the UK but some coach companies also offer local departures points. It may be cheaper to travel overnight. For longer distances, an overnight hotel stop in northern Europe (Northern France, Belgium, Holland, or Northern Germany) going and returning may be needed. You may need to arrange transport from the destination hub to the resort.

Travel by Train

You can use the Rail Europe / Inter Rail service which offers a range of tickets for various countries and time periods.

You can travel by train to a large number of destinations throughout Europe. From the UK you can take the Eurostar service to France and Belgium and then travel by train throughout Europe.

You may need to make several changes so leave enough time for changing platforms / stations and late running.

Travel by Car

You can take your own car and travel directly to your chosen resort. You will need to book either a cross channel ferry or by Eurotunnel through the channel tunnel.

Check if there are any requirements you may need to drive abroad.





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