PC Case and Motherboard
ASUS A8N-SLI deluxe Motherboard with ASUS Fan
ASUS A8N-SLI deluxe Motherboard with Zalman Heatsink

Replace PC mainboard

Once the Zalman Heatsink is fixed to the PC mainboard, the mainboard need to be replaced into the PC case. The next few stages are the reverse of the first few stages.

Fix mainboard into case

Lift the mainboard back into the PC case and push it back on to the PC case screw supports at the back. Position the mainboard holes over the supports making sure that the external sockets are correctly located in the case at the back. Put the screws through the mainboard one at a time and screw in but do not tighten them yet. When all the screws are in, tighten them up. Make sure you do not over tighten them.

Replace the graphics card and any other cards e.g. PCI modem.

Fix chassis fan

Replace the chassis fan and any other components that you removed before you took out the mainboard.

Replace cables

Replace the internal cables.

First the mainboard power cables:

Then replace the other cables:

Replace the external cables:

The last cable to be connected should be the power cable.

You can now turn your PC back on and enjoy a quieter PC!

Monitor the temperature of the heatsink and check the airflow to ensure that the heatsink does not get too hot.  With a sensor on the two lower fins my heatsink heats up to 42 degrees Celcius. CPU = 32, mainboard = 32, Ambient room temperture 25 degrees Celcius.

Before and after views

Placing the mainboard into the PC case.

The before view with the original heatsink / fan and before the mainboard cables and cards were removed.

The after view with the mainboard fixed into the PC case with the new Zalman heatsink but before the mainboard cables were connected and the cards replaced.


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