Digiguide TV / Radio programme guide supplies listings for lots of satellite, freesat, freeview and other channels with plug-ins for foreign channels, for info, click below.

Satellite Earth Station Dish


Freesat provides TV and radio stations without any subscription charges via Satellite.

Freeview provides TV and radio stations without any subscription charges via a TV aerial.



The idea of installing a fixed satellite dish, let alone a motorised dish, may seem a bit daunting but by using this guide a lot of the problems should disappear.

Since the 1960s there have been satellites orbiting the earth relaying all sorts of radio and television stations. To begin with the equipment to receive these signals was complicated and expensive. Over the years the cost and complicity has gone down.

This guide will help you install a home satellite system to receive the hundreds of satellite channels that can be received. It does not give recommendations about the equipment required but does gives general advice to help you to choose suitable equipment. This guide assumes you want to install the system in the UK.

Depending on the equipment you use, there may be an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and a NOW and NEXT programme information available. These rely upon the station providing programme information. Some channels provide several days of listings, others just the NOW and NEXT. Most UK channels use the SKY Programme Guide which most Free To Air receivers can not decode. 

Satellite Receiver & Dish Installation

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