Satellite Dish Scale

Adjusting the Satellite Dish to track the Arc

To adjust the satellite dish so that it tracks around the arc correctly, make sure that the dish is pointing south. Then loosen the bolts on the polar mount clamping the polar mount to the dish and adjust the elevation of the dish by moving the dish up and down until you get maximum signal strength showing on the satellite signal test meter or the TV. This should be the Thor satellite which is almost due south from this location (London). When the signal is at the maximum, tighten the bolts.

To adjust the dish to track the arc after you have set the dish to point south you just need to move the dish up and down. You do not need to move the dish west - east.

Once you have the dish set up to point due south, you need to get a signal from the nearest satellite that is within a few degrees of due south of your location. From where I am at 0.5 west the nearest satellites to due south are the Thor satellites at 0.7west). If your location is west or east of 0.5 west you need to use another satellite. For example if you were 7west you would use Nilesat at 7west. If you were 13 east you would use the Hotbird satellites at 13 east.

If your location is between about 2west & 2 east then you can use Thor. Thor has a strong signal and you should get enough of a signal to adjust the dish up / down until you get the strongest signal even though the dish is pointing slightly west /east of Thor.

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Adjusting the Dish on to the Arc