Satellite Receiver Signal Cables

Arrange the satellite receiver signal coaxial cables from where you plan to site the positioner along to the wall mount and satellite dish. If necessary make a hole through the wall / window frame and feed the cable through. Mark them at both ends with tape so you can identify which one will be connected to LNB socket 1 and which to LNB socket 2. Pass the cable down inside the satellite dish boom from the back of the satellite dish so that the cables stick out about 25cm from the front of the boom. Feed the cable going to the positioner down the side of the boom so it is on the same side as the "LNB 1" socket on the LNB. Prepare the ends of the cables and fix an F connector onto the end of each cable.

One cable needs to go between the positioner and LNB; the other between the receiver and LNB. Prepare the end of the cable near the positioner and fix an F connector onto the end of the cable. Do not screw it in yet.

Connect a cable between the socket on the positioner marked "RECEIVER" and the satellite receiver socket marked "LNB". You can buy a male F plug to male F plug cable in a TV or satellite shop or a DIY store or make one using cable and F connectors. One bought may be more flexible and have moulded connectors but if you make your own you can make it the correct length and be sure of the quality of the cable.


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Signal Cables