Satellite Dish Alignment

At the time of Sun Pass, use a straight wooden pole about 2m long and stand it vertically on the ground at least 2m from the mark your made on the ground (Mark A) in the direction of the sun. Move the pole left and right until the shadow falls on Mark A. Make sure that the pole is vertical and draw a straight line between the pole and Mark A using chalk or a piece of straight wood. You may get a slightly more accurate result if the pole is further away but 2-3m is good enough.

(TIP: You could fix the pole in place and make a sun dial compass feature so you will always know where south is!)

2. When you have a line on the ground pointing south, attach a piece of string at the end of the satellite dish boom and tie a small spanner or weight (not more than 100g) on the end so that the string hangs vertically and does not move in any breeze. Use a length of string so the weight is just off the ground.

Loosen the U bolts holding the satellite dish polar mount to the pole on the wall mount and gently move the polar mount left and right until the weight is directly about the line on the ground. Tighten the U bolts holding the polar mount to the pole on the wall mount

The satellite dish polar mount should now be correctly aligned in the correct direction. The string and weight tied to the end of the dish boom will make it easier to locate other satellite positions.

Align Satellite Dish to Point South

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Align Dish to Point South - Part 2