Satellite Dish Alignment
Satellite Dish Alignment

Align Satellite Dish to Point South


You now need to point the satellite dish boom due south.

1. Attach a piece of string to the top of the wall mount pole and tie a small spanner or weight (about 100g) on the end so that the string hangs vertically and does not move in any breeze. Use a length of string so the weight is just off the ground. Mark a point on the ground directly below the wall mount pole (Mark A).



You can use either of these methods, or ideally use both to ensure they give the same direction.

(b) Compass
Adjust the compass for the magnetic variation or your location and then place the compass on Mark A and sight an object along the needle in the due south direction (180). From Mark A draw a line on the ground in the direction of this object for about 3m. Check that is in the correct direction by placing the compass needle over the line move the end of the string until it lies directly under the compass needle.


(c) Sun
The first thing you need is a sunny day. Be careful not to look directly at the sun. You need to know the time of day that the sun is directly south. Using the GorbTrack program choose a satellite with a longitude as near to the longitude of your location as possible. For example London is at 0.117 W. The nearest satellite with a longitude to London is Thor 2 at 0.75 W. In theory this will not be exact but the error is less than you be able achieve and well within the limits of the dish and motor. Note the time of Sun Pass - for this example on 3 March 2005 it was 12:14:45. Take account of the time zone - GMT or BST.




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Align Dish to Point South