Earthing Satellite Dish and Receiver

The wall mount, polar mount and satellite dish are made of metal and a static charge can build up. In addition there is the risk of a lightening strike that could cause damage to the receiver and other electronic equipment. Correct earthing can help to reduce any injury to people and damage to property and equipment.

You need to connect all metalwork together and earth it outside. Do not connect it to the mains earth. The satellite dish polar mount may isolate the dish electrically from the wall mount so you will need to connect them using thick cable like a car battery earthing cable. You can use a thick cable to connect the wall mount to earth. The cable should be as close as possible to vertical and connect to a pipe fixed in the ground. Make sure that the ground remains moist at all times.

Do not solder the wires to the wall mount, which will melt if there is a lighting strike, instead use bolts.

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Earthing the Components