Invacom Universal Twin LNB 0.3 dB



Assemble the LNB

Place the satellite LNB (Low Noise Block) in to the plastic clamp and holding the LNB horizontally, screw the clamp up so that the clamp is vertical. There may be a 0 mark on the LNB and clamp.

Carefully fit the clamp into the satellite dish boom so that the LNB is above the boom. The two plastic pins on the clamp should pop out into the holes on the side of the boom. The co-axial cables should fit through the holes in the clamp.

If you are going to use a satellite signal test meter, connect the cable going to the satellite positioner to the test meter "RECEIVER" socket and a short cable from the socket on the test meter "LNB 1" into the "LNB 1" socket on the LNB.

If you are not going to use a test meter connect the cable going to the positioner into the "LNB 1" socket on the LNB.

Connect the other cable (going to directly the receiver) into the "LNB 2" socket on the LNB.

At the positioner, screw the cable from the LNB into the socket on the positioner marked "LNB".

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Assemble and Fix the LNB