Satellite Dish Actuator Wiring

Wire Colour

Thick Red

Thick Green

Thin White

Thin Black

Connected to

Motor +

Motor -

Sensor -

Sensor +

Assemble the Satellite Dish Actuator

The satellite dish actuator is adjusted to stop the motor at the limits of travel. Be careful not to rotate the shaft and ball joint so that you do not alter the limits. If the motor is not turned off at the limits the actuator could be damaged.

Unscrew and remove the plastic cover on the back of the motor.

Arrange the actuator cable from where you plan to site the positioner along to the wall mount and actuator. If necessary make a hole through the wall/window frame and feed the cable through.

Feed the actuator cable through the rubber grommet, prepare the end of the cable and connect the two thick wires to the motor connectors and the two thin wires to the switch connectors. Mark a note of the colours of the wires and which connector they are connected to.



The colours of wires in the cable may vary - a suggestion is:

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Assemble Actuator