Satellite Dish Wall Mount Preparation

IMG_2727The satellite dish wall mount should already be painted to protect it. However it is easier to give it an additional coat before you fix it to the wall and the areas hidden once fixed to the wall and most susceptible to rust can be painted.

Use a paint intended for metal such as Finnigan's Hammerite. The Wall Mount shown has two extra coats of Black Hammered metal finish as a can was available, but you could use a smooth finish of a colour that blends into the surroundings.


Wall Mount after fixing to the wall.

The satellite dish wall mount needs to be fixed to the wall so that as much of the arc that the satellites are on is visible. It needs to be fitted on a south facing or near south facing wall. Points to consider are:

If the wall mount is high on the wall:

If the wall mount is low on the wall:


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Prepare Wall Mount