Testing the Satellite Motor or Actuator

SuperJack V-box II Positioner


Wire Colour

Thick Red

Thick Green

Thin White

Thin Black

Connected to

Motor +

Motor -

Sensor -

Sensor +

You need to connect the satellite motor cable to the satellite dish positioner and test the motor or actuator. The picture shows the back of the SuperJack V-box II. On the back next to the LNB and satellite receiver co-ax connectors there are four connectors  - two for the motor wires and two for the sensor wires.

Prepare the satellite motor cable and connect the motor wires and the switch wires to the connector on the back of the satellite dish positioner. Make sure that they are connected to the correct connector. If the sensor wires are incorrectly connected to the motor connectors the motor will be damaged!

If the wires in you motor cable are different colours you will need to amend this suggested chart for connecting the wires. The main thing to remember is to connect the thicker wires to the motor connectors and the thinner wires to the sensor connectors.


Plug the positioner into the mains socket and using the remote control turn it on. The display will show a 3 digit number around 500 to 800.

Press and hold down the < button on the remote control. The motor should turn the dish to point to the east and the number on the display should go down. If the dish turns to the right, check that the two motor wires are not reversed.

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Testing the Motor