Filzmoos Walk 12
Neubergerhof, Gsengplatte, Filzmoos

Wanderbus to Neubergerhof. Walk to Gsengplatte and return to Filzmoos.


Start: Neubergerhof
End: Pension Wieser
Distance: 18 km

Take the Wanderbus to Neubergerhof and then walk via Schönleitenriedel to Gsengplatte and Schäferhütte, then via track and path to Gsengalm and Lettenhof. Then walk back by road to Filzmoos or catch the Wanderbus.

1 Filzmoos walk 12

2 Filzmoos walk 12

3 Filzmoos walk 12

4 Filzmoos walk 12

5 Filzmoos walk 12

6 Filzmoos walk 12

7 Filzmoos walk 12

8 Filzmoos walk 12

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