1 Filzmoos walk 4

2 Filzmoos walk 4

3 Filzmoos walk 4

4 Filzmoos walk 4

5 Filzmoos walk 4

6 Filzmoos walk 4

7 Filzmoos walk 4

8 Filzmoos walk 4

Walk via Moosalm to Mandling. Return by the Talweg by the river via Stausee to Filzmoos.


Start: Pension Wieser
End: Pension Wieser
Distance: 16km


This is a "Blue" walk but part of the return path is narrow and runs along the river bank more difficult. The walk starts 100 m west of Pension Wieser and goes up a small road going south. This joins a track going to Moosalm. Continue around to the east then south to descend to Mandling. After a visit to one of the restaurants, return back to Filzmoos the way you came.

You can also return to Filzmoos via the Talweg which runs alongside the river. However, the middle part of this path to Stausee can be difficult as sections may have been damaged by floods. From Stausee the path returns to the road and to Filzmoos.

Check that the path has been repaired and is open before you attempt it!

There is a small electro-hydro generating station next to the reservoirs and signs along the narrow part of the path indicate that the path may flood!

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Walk 3


Gefährdung durch
Betreten auf eigene Gefahr.

Power plant operation.
Risk of torrent of water.
Enter at your own risk.

Filzmoos Walk 4 - Moosalm, Mandling



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