Paths in the Obergurgl area are coloured blue and red:

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The European Long Distrance Path 05 Nord-Süd-Weitwanderweg 700km (Atlantic, Alps, Adriatic) passes south of Sölden and along the Timmeljoch Road north of Obergurgl.

  1. Ramolhaus
    Red Paths
    From Obergurgl - cross the Gurgl river and then head south-west along first a gently rising track and then a path. After 2.5 hours there is a steep ascent to hut. Return same path. - you can go on to Vent if you are confident crossing glaciers.
  2. Hohe Mut
    Red Paths
    Take the chair lift to the summit of Hohe Mut then go south-east along the ridge. At the end of the ridge you can descend to the north or south and return along one of the valleys (Rotmoostal or Gaisbergtal
  3. Schönwieshütte - Langtalereckhütte - Hochwildehaus - back across Glacier
    Red Paths
    Head from Obergurgl past Niederhütte and then along to Schönwieshütte - Langtalereckhütte - Hochwildehaus. Return the same way or cross the glacier (Gurgler Ferner) diagonally to join the path descending from Ramolhaus to Obergurgl. ! Be careful if you cross the glacier as the path is not marked. You need to look for the path on the other side and head for it watching out for crevasses. !
  4. Sölden
    Blue Paths
    Take the path on the west side of the river and descend down the valley, crossing the road to the east side of the valley, to Sölden - you can return the same way or take the Bus.
  5. South-East Hanging Valleys - Ferwalltal or Königstal
    Blue / Red Paths
    Walk up and along one of the hanging valleys on the south-east side of the valley to the Italian border. If you go along the Königstal path you will pass the old custom hut which is about 0.8km from the current border. If you have time you can continue down and around to the Timmeljoch Road.
  6. Hochgurgl - Timmelsjoch
    Blue Paths
    From Obergurgl walk up to the path on the east side of the valley and then along the fairly level path slowly ascending to Hochgurgl. You can continue along the Timmeljoch Road. Don't mistake the Toll station for the border, which is a bit further along the road.
  7. Bus to Sölden - lift to Hochsolden
    Take the Bus down to Sölden and then the gondola up to Hochsolden and the Glaciers (summer skiing). Afterwards return to Sölden and either take the Bus or walk back to Obergurgl (reverse of walk 4).
  8. Coach trip to Sölden, the Glaciers and the village of Vent
    Take a Coach trip from Obergurgl to Sölden then up a steep road and through a tunnel to the car park near the glaciers above Sölden (Rettenbach & Tiefenbach). After a stop of about 45 mins the coach continues on to the village of Vent for a second break. The coach then returns to Obergurgl.
  9. Glacier Course
    If you want to gain experience of walking across glaciers and crevasses, you may be able to book a one day course.
Ramol Hütte, Obergurgl, Austria

Ramol Hütte 3005m

Obergurgl, Tirol, Austria - Walks

Old Custom Hut, Königstal, Obergurgl, Austria

Old Custom Hut, Königstal

Gurgler Ferner, Obergurgl, Austria

Gurgler Ferner

Hohe Mut, Obergurgl, Austria

Hohe Mut, Obergurgl

Summer Skiing, Sölden, Austria

Summer Skiing, Hochsölden

Footbridge over Hanging valley, Obergurgl, Austria

Footbridge over Hanging valley, Obergurgl

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