Filzmoos Walk 14
Bachlalm, Maralm, Tor, Sulzenhals, Bachlalm

Start: Bachlalm
End: Bachlalm
Distance: 9.7 km

Take the Wanderbus to Bachlalm. From Bachlalm the walk goes via Maralm to Tor - just over 2000m. The descent is down to Sulzenhals and then back to Bachlalm. After a break, return to Filzmoos by the Wanderbus.

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1 Filzmoos walk 14

2 Filzmoos walk 14

3 Filzmoos walk 14

4 Filzmoos walk 14

5 Filzmoos walk 14

6 Filzmoos walk 14

7 Filzmoos walk 14

8 Filzmoos walk 14

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